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2010 fall crew:
Becky, Eric, Bridget, Jean & Josh
In 2004, Meadow’s Mirth began with two people: Josh and Jean Jennings.  Since our formal schooling was more in the liberal arts, (Medieval Philosophy and Ceramic Art, respectively, for the record) we came to farming via a meandering path fueled by curiosity and a desire for honest (hard) work.
We started out with a small plot of cut flowers on a friends’ farm with big dreams of one day growing and selling salad greens!  The following year, we lived in a two room cabin, while cutting our teeth growing vegetables in Kensington, NH.  It was there that we learned to drive a tractor, and operate the equipment needed to grow food on an agricultural scale.   Driven by a desire for more space to farm, as well as live in, we arrived at Berry Hill Farm, in Stratham, NH, one of New Hampshire's first Organic Berry Farms.  It is on these sunny south-facing fields that Meadow's Mirth farm blossomed, adding a wide variety of vegetables and herbs to the mix, as well as a wonderful crew of folks that are a part of our farm family.
With each season, we hone our skills, and add something to the mix: winter crops, pigs, and soon...chickens!  Growing food in all four of New England's seasons presents unique and persistent challenges; since we began farming, we have experienced extremes in heat and cold, high winds and even a devastating hailstorm! It keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe deeply in the quality of our work and of the food we produce: the variety, color, taste and nutrition of fresh Organic produce is unparalleled.  Plus we are keeping beautiful land healthy and productive, creating jobs, and cultivating skills to keep our part of the local economy thriving.

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