March 3, 2009

Spring is in the seriously.

If you are living in New Hampshire, or just about anywhere in the Northeast, it might be difficult for you to imagine that spring is, in fact, just around the corner. Old man winter is putting up a pretty good fight, but believe me, it is a battle he won't win. He never does. The seasons just keep coming, and there's no stopping spring's immanent arrival.
So, we figured we best be getting ready. We've got beets, lettuce, and a mini-field of onion sprouts going in the greenhouse. Soon we'll be starting herbs, and tomatoes, and oh yeah, more beets and lettuce!
We just sold the last of the carrots and turnips, (of course we kept a few pounds for ourselves!) but there is still a good amount of potatoes in the root cellar for sale. Everything down there still looks and tastes wonderful! Next year, (I should say THIS year) I hope to have more food down there for restaurants and Winter Markets. I will say, it's been a funny balancing act between marketing Winter produce and planning spring crops...kind of like living in both the past and the future at the same time, but it's all a learning process, and it's been great. We are definitely happy with how well our storage went- and of course, next year we plan do it all even bigger and better.
So stay tuned!