February 20, 2011

signs of spring

Spring is beginning here on the farm.  Even though the temperatures are still chilly, the sun is high in the sky, and the birds are starting to sing.  Last Thursday we put packets of seeds in our backpacks, grabbed some rakes, and headed out on our snowshoes down the hill to the high tunnels in the lower fields. We rolled out our "Jang" push-seeder out over the frozen fields down with us. Inside, it was almost 80ยบ in our unheated high tunnel, "Thunder!" We opened up the vents and let in the fresh air.   It felt great to be  soaking in the sun's rays, not to mention the thrill of putting seeds in the ground in February! The season begins, and may it be a great one!

February 10, 2011

Snow and Food

After the many snows we get to play "Find the Hoop House" and clear the snow off the sides so it does not build up on the roof. Some pretty hefty work, but good exercise and actually fun on a sunny day. The greens in the houses are slowing, but should start to grow in the next couple of weeks when we get more daylight hours.

Some black beans (Jean's Beans) cooked with cilantro, onions and garlic were a welcome sight coming back inside from work!