We are still accepting shares for 2011!  Contact josh or jean @meadowsmirth.com to sign up!

How it works
One share ($400) entitles you to $440 worth of produce from now through December 2011. That is a 10% savings off of our regular market price. You can add to your account at any time throughout the season. Shareholders are given free choice from our in-season vegetables, herbs and flowers. We will be at the Exeter, and Rollinsford Markets in the early spring, fall and winter. During the spring & summer our self-service farmstand will be open, and we will be at Exeter Farmers’ Market on Thursdays, and Saturday we will be at Portsmouth Farmers’ market. If you intend to pick up at the farmstand, we ask that you select the day of the week you are most likely to pick up on. This by no means restricts you to that day, we just would like to know for planning purposes. We encourage market members to arrive at market early to ensure greatest selection.

We are also offering a pick-your-own blueberry share. The cost is $100 for 30 pints (15 quarts) of blueberries. That works out to be $3.33 per pint, which is a savings of $50 over the market price over the course of the season. You will be notified when the blueberries are ripe, and are responsible for checking off what you have picked on the sheet in the farmstand.
A Flexible Choice System

Buying a Farm Share is a sustainable way to help farmers with early season start-up costs, and secures a market for fresh produce. Members benefit by getting a discount on our products, and free choice as to what we have available. This amounts to less food waste, and more of what you enjoy. You can choose a time and location that works for you. If you need to skip a week or two, there’s no need to call, but it might be worth sending a friend or neighbor to make sure you don’t get behind. We will keep track of your balance and periodically notify you so you can plan accordingly. You must use up your total amount before the end of December 2011. If there are any unused balances at the end of the year, we will donate that value in vegetables to the New Hampshire Food Bank.

As Organic growers, our philosophy is that healthy soil makes healthy plants. While we strive to provide optimal growing conditions for all of our plants, factors such as weather and insects are beyond our control. It is our goal to plant a variety of crops over a long season to make sure that there is plenty to choose from, in the event that a particular crop is not available.

We will keep you current via email, and social media such as facebook, and our blog about farm happenings, recipes, and what’s ripening in the field.