March 18, 2008

spring thaw

It's been years since I remember having snow like we've had this winter. As much as I hate to, I am going to have to relent: hang those snowshoes back up in the barn, and get back to work (or at least blogging about work.) All good things must come to an end (to make room for more good things, of course.) Each season has something to offer, and while I appreciate snow and the quiet beauty of winter, I do enjoy this extra daylight we now seem to be lavished with. While spring hasn't by any stretch of the imagination "sprung," as the freezing precipitation against the window can attest to, there are a few signs popping up here and there as the earth edges towards calendar spring. We have enough onions started in the greenhouse to feed a small militia. We also have some flowers, lettuce, and a bunch of herbs. It is amazing how fast things grow. In a month or so, we should be overrun with tomato seedlings. And there's always pruning to keep us busy outdoors too, although I must admit, this task is much more enjoyable when it isn't sleeting out.