March 26, 2010

It's Spring!

Welcome Spring! We are seeing bits of color from the crocuses and a few precocious daffodils on our street, but for the most part, we are waiting for the pop!  It's truly mud season, and busy season at that!  Here's a photo of a friend helping us put up the door to "West Side" one of our new greenhouses.  (Note the trademark "W.")  And one of Jean putting in the top purlins on a cool but sunny day last month.  We are excited and a bit anxious for the season to begin.  Putting in this kind of infrastructure is definitely one of our biggest leaps so far in terms of farming, and we are grateful for our Community Supported Agriculture members who have signed on (and hope to get a few more...see our website for details!)  Having that support really makes a difference in how we move forward as a farm.  This time next year, we hope to be bringing greens in addition to what we already have in root vegetables.  Which, by the way, MARKET TOMORROW in Rollinsford!!!!  We will be there...and the next one.  This will be our second year strong of having food in all twelve months.  So bring your tote bags, the 'taters onions and shallots will make it well worth the trip!  Oh, and yes, it is egg season.   Everyone here on the farm loves eggs.  Everyone.