April 13, 2007


...come she will!
So maybe last year this time we had peas and garlic coming up. And maybe we've had not one but two icy, Nor'easters come blowing through in the past few weeks. (It looks as though this Sunday should bring us a third!) But that's no reason to get down, right? Hmph. April. Meanwhile the greenhouse is practically bursting- you know with those early things that can handle cold weather. Um, yeah, cold weather is one thing. Multiple feet of heavy spring snow is a completely different scenario. We do have some stuff in the ground like this baby lettuce (note the snow in the foreground.) And if we can keep our hoophouse from collapsing (again) in this next storm, we'll be doing great! In the meantime, all we can do is plant, wait and plant some more. Or maybe I will just try to squeeze in another late-season ski across the field.

finishing off

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. As the fire died down outside, we were inside doing the final boil. Notice the condensation on the window in the background.

P.S. Extra! Extra! There's a great article in the Exeter newsletter about local sugaring. We're even in it!