February 12, 2010

*heart* onions

I was downstairs cleaning up red onions yesterday.  As each of these little gems passed through my hands, I couldn't stop marveling at how gorgeously they caught the light.  Then I started to think about how some of them were almost heart shaped, and what a sweet thing for someone's sweetheart!  Just as is or perhaps sliced thinly with local greens, and maybe some orange wedges.  
We'll have those red onions in abundance this Saturday at the Farmers' Market in Exeter!  We'll also have the yellow onions, red potatoes, yellow skinned  potatoes, and turnips.  This could be the winter carrots' swan song, so snatch them up while you can.

February 6, 2010

new beginnings

So this year we are switching things up in the CSA department.  We have been mulling this over since we began our CSA three years ago.  How do we give members choice?  If we were to join a community supported agriculture program what would we want?  So we came up with a new model that would give our members free choice as to when and where they wanted to pick up as well as which vegetables they wanted in their weeks' share.  Having pickups happen at farmers' markets not only gives members choice as to what they want from our offerings, it enables them easy access to other producers who supply products we don't have, be it pork or corn (which we don't raise) or something that we might not have in abundance that particular week.   Although abundance is the buzzword for this year.  We are currently building multiple hoophouses (see above) which should translate into MORE awesome and consistent tomatoes and greens and earlier than ever before.  It is exciting.  Here's a picture of last week's full moon over a future field of potatoes.

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