January 27, 2011

and now for a little luge...

Winter brings visions of the future. We plan, budget, order and hope. Jean and I are definitely looking forward to the coming season, but we always try to make some time for the fun. The combination of friends snow shovels and some giant snow banks brings a farm luge together.

January 14, 2011

Winter Fun

The winter normally is a time for us to settle down and spend our days drinking tea. With the winter markets we still have the tea, but we have hardly settled down. We continue to bring vegetables to restaurants and travel to farmers markets on weekends. Our new Hoop Houses have been a great addition to having greens all year long. It can be freezing out side but on a sunny day its 50 degrees in the houses.

A special thanks to our CSA members who did not finish there credit with us by the end of the year, but elected to donate the value in food to the food bank. Definitely a great way to share the love this winter.