November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Farmers' Market

This Saturday will be the first in a whole bunch of indoor winter markets this year hosted by Seacoast Eat local.  The market will be from 10-2 at the Wentworth Greenhouses* in Rollinsford.  Seacoast Eat Local started up just over two years ago with three markets, now they are up to eleven, all in bigger spaces.   And there are farmers' markets sprouting up all over the place.  It is exiting to see all the people who have been turning out for these events.  They are always surprised at how much food there is!  Plus fine music and fun activities for kids of all ages.  We have been putting a lot of work into our winter crops.  Potatoes, turnips, carrots, and this year...parsnips!  The root cellar is stocked, and we aren't done yet - we're still pullin' carrots!  We also plan on having greens until snow.  

But that's just our contribution; there will be almost 50 vendors at this Saturday's market!  That adds up to even more veggies, plus meats, dairy, and baked goodies.  Oh, yes, and also locally caught fish and seafood.  Farmer's and producers have been ramping up for these winter events, and working to meet consumers' demand for more fresh food all year round.  As we have said before about our summer markets: "we're like the freaking grocery store!"  It is so exiting to live in this area where so many things grow and thrive, even during the cold months.  It's something to be immensely grateful for.  Is our system perfect?  No.  We would love to have more growers and food producers.  Also, we want to have more people come to the table, and know that it is harder than ever to afford high quality food, but believe that everyone should have access to it.  Fortunately at our markets we will have some folks coming to donate produce to local food pantries.  We are making great strides in making local FRESH food available, while keeping it sustainable both economically and environmentally.   It's a tough balance, we move forward- 

let us give thanks, and let's eat!

*Wentworth Greenhouses, 141 Rollins Rd, Rollinsford, NH
1 mile past Red's Shoe Barn on the Rollinsford/Dover border
for more information visit Seacoast Eat Local's Winter Farmers' Market page