April 14, 2008

Cruelest month?

We finally broke into the last of our storage squash. This one wasn't a squash (technically) but a Marina di Chioggia pumpkin. We made delicious baked pumpkin "sandwiches", and they were just as good (or perhaps maybe a little sweeter) than they were back in November. We tend to hoard our storage crops (except onions, we eat them like crazy) which I am sure stems from some sort of primal instinct. I treat them like gold in a vault all winter.

Come April, the sprouts are sprouting full of promise and it's time to eat up our winter stores. So it's down to the freezer to eat up those delicious sunny tomatoes, & sweet berries. And over to the pantry to crack open those mason jars stuffed with salsas and tangy pickles. Really, though it is just an effort to make room for future harvests, so here's to it!