August 3, 2009

magazine articles, rain, and growth on the farm...

It's August....and the harvest is finally in full swing! The rain has slowed things down a bit, but summer squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, potatoes, and plenty more have finally kicked into full gear. Even peppers and eggplant are beginning to happen, much to our delight. There have been cases of late blight reported in the state, which is disconcerting to say the least. Late blight is the same disease that caused the Irish potato famine, and although it's not dangerous to humans, it can totally wipe out a crop of tomatoes or potatoes. While our plants are showing signs of stress from all the water, none have tested positive for late blight, so we are remaining cautiously optimistic. If the plants stay healthy, we should have tomatoes coming in before the month is out. We are at least a week or two behind schedule thanks to this weather pattern that seems to have us in it's grip. Rain every other day, means the fields are too wet to get the tractor in, but we are getting the fall crops seeded and planted still, though it's slow going.
Big News! We've been featured in New Hampshire Magazine for our work with the Chef's Collaborative NH grow out program. The article is entitled "Josh and the Beanstalk." Catchy. Check it out here.